We Buy Gold


Top prices paid for your old gold at Wymans Jewellers

For visitors to our shop we provide a simple and quick service from start to finish for selling your gold. All our customers get the best prices calculated using up to the minute gold prices and if we buy items we are able to resell we offer an even better rate. With gold prices at high levels there has never been a better time to cash in your unwanted gold. It’s important to sell through a reputable expert and with over 60 years’ experience Wymans Jewellers guarantee you a fair deal.

We purchase all unwanted gold including broken, tarnished and incomplete items. Items only have to be made of gold, the condition is immaterial, This includes: Gold jewellery, necklaces, earrings, broaches, ornaments, medals, coins or any other gold items. Not sure if it’s gold? Then call in to our shop for a free no obligation quotation and if you’re happy you can receive immediate payment and walk away with the cash!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gold?

Gold is a rare metallic element with a melting point of 1064 degrees centigrade and a boiling point of 2808 degrees centigrade. Its chemical symbol, Au, is short for the Latin word for gold, ‘Aurum’, which literally means ‘Glowing Dawn’. It has several properties that have made it very useful to mankind over the years, notably its excellent conductive properties and its inability to react with water or oxygen.

How much gold is reused / recycled each year?

Approximately a third of the gold on the market at any one time is recycled. A five year average between 2005 and 2010 saw recycled gold take up 35% of the gold available.

How much gold is there in the World?

Estimates suggest that around 166,600 tonnes has been mined to the end of 2010. Of this, around 65% has been extracted since 1950.

What is scrap gold?

Scrap Gold is the term used for the process of recycling broken jewellery, coins and other items that are no longer wanted.

Scrap gold prices

The price of gold changes daily and reflects the live spot gold price in the world so the scrap gold price we set at Wymans Jewellers is based on the daily London LBMA price. It’s important to note that the price offered for your jewellery will be lower than the current gold market price as there is a significant process involved in smelting your gold items into raw gold material.

What items are of value?

We will buy anything gold including broken jewellery, gold coins, gold watches, they are all of value and it doesn’t matter if they are Hallmarked or not, but we’re interested in all gold, from 9ct to 22ct. Some items, however, are not suitable, for example: costume jewellery or gold plated items will have little or no value.